Management software designed for labels & producers

Masters rights administration software Inpro will help you import your dealers' sales reports and compute royalty statements.

Le Sage

Fine contract dealing

  • Unlimited sales channels can be freely created : physical and digital sales, streaming, ringtones, club sales,etc.
  • FSix calculation schemes are available : PPD, BIEM, Net price, Detail price, Net share and flat fees
  • Up to 10 levels of escalations that can be enabled/disabled on a channel to channel basis (downloads, streaming,...)
  • Distinct reserves for short and long releases
  • Standard deductions (for short releases, compilations, ad campaigns.etc.) and/or create your own
  • Precise management of cross-collateralizations
  • Fine handling of specific contractual terms
Fine contract dealing

Sales management

  • View all sales or selectively by release, track, date, dealer or import number
  • Statement imports distinguishes individual tracks, bundles, streaming, syncs, merchandizing, neighbouring rights...
  • A simple Excel template is provided to let you import sales manually (when all you get from your dealer is a PDF or a printed statement)
  • Convert statements to your currency by simply indicating the amount you received : Inpro will adjust every line of the statement as if it had been created in your currency.
Sales management

Royalty statements

  • Automatic payout errors detection
  • Multilingual statements
  • Statement summaries : type of sales, project, territory.
  • Financial control: advances, payments, postponements
  • Statement exports : PDF, Excel
  • All calculations are made on 15 significant digits and rounded to 8 digits after decimal separator.
Royalty statements

An open ecosystem

  • Rights imports compatible with roughly 100 systems: Fast and automatic import of your dealer’s statements. New filters are written and provided on demand without requiring software update.
  • Fast processing even on high data volumes
  • Multiple simultaneous users - Cloud connector (GDPR compliant)
  • English and french interface (one click switch)
An open ecosystem

Reporting / Audit

  • Analyze the amount received per distributor, per project, tailor-made queries, ...
  • Segmentation of results by clients, catalogues, distributor, etc.
  • Pivots: free grouping of data rows and columns
  • Export results to Excel
Reporting / Audit

Quality assurance

  • Ongoing improvement: about 30 versions per year
  • Development ethics: listening, collaborative, intuitivity, flexibility
  • Compatibility: import/export data filters
  • Dedicated technical support / Training
  • Bug tracking system
Quality assurance


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