Le Sage

Software solution for music publishers

Le Sage is the swiss army knife of publishers. Designed with care, for and with the help of music professionals, it is your every day companion.

Intuitive and flexible, this piece of software is capable of executing precise actions on massive flows of data very fast. Whatever the complexity of your contracts, the size of your catalogues, the diversity of your clients and their systems, Le Sage normalizes data, detects inconsistencies and delivers compliant registrations and accurate statements.

Le Sage

An open ecosystem

  • Rights and catalogue imports compatible with roughly 300 systems
  • Fast processing even on high data volumes
  • Word documents generator (contracts, registration forms, …)
  • Multiple simultaneous users - Cloud connector (GDPR compliant)
  • English and french interface (one click switch)
An open ecosystem


  • Catalogue imports
  • Error detection and bulk corrections
  • PRO registration and transmission to sub publishers
  • Acknowledgements processing (ACK, rejections, assigned codes)

Royalty statements

  • Payout definition may be done work by work or for a whole group
  • Fine management of special cases
  • Automatic payout errors detection
  • Multilingual statements
  • Statement summaries
  • Statement exports (PDF, Excel, other software...)
  • Financial control: advances, payments, postponements
  • Aggregated statements
  • Heirdom and sub-accounts
Royalty statements

Reporting / Audit

  • Top earners, works profitability, tailor-made queries, ...
  • Segmentation of results by clients, catalogues, groups of works, ...
  • Pivots: free grouping of data rows and columns
  • Export results to Excel
Reporting / Audit

Quality assurance

  • Ongoing improvement: about 80 versions per year
  • Development ethics: listening, collaborative, intuitivity, flexibility
  • Compatibility: import/export data filters
  • Dedicated technical support / Training
  • Bug tracking system
Quality assurance


Do you want to know more?

Don’t hesitate to contact us. We can show you how the system works and see if it meets your expectations.