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Import your distribution sales and neighbouring rights, set your contracts, compute your royalty statements and analyse your income.

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A system that follows your terms !

Inpro will import your dealers' sales reports and compute royalty statements. Whatever the complexity of your deals, Inpro applies strictly the contract terms - online/physical, reserves, deductions, featurings, merchandising, etc.

  • Contracts applying

    Any terms can be managed, from specific deductions (sales price, country, advertising campaign, release, packaging, etc.) depending on which line is being paid, to escalations, by way of share splits to include featurings.

  • Statements

    Export multilingual statements, with summaries and tailored messages relying on the automatic payout error detection and consistency checks.

  • Bulk import

    Import any sources of income without having to adjust the files manually. Over 350 files formats supported updated and adding new ones each time a client needs one.

  • Detail your income

    Analyze and export the income you received per distributor, project, sales, etc. And easy pivot tool will help you analyse all the data imported.

Detailed features
  • Unlimited sales channels can be freely created: physical and digital sales, streaming, ringtones, club, sales, etc.
  • Six calculation schemes are available: PPD, BIEM, Net price, Detail price, Net share and flat fees
  • Up to 10 levels of escalations that can be enabled/disabled on a channel to channel basis (downloads, streaming...)
  • Distinct reserves for short and long releases
  • Precise management of cross-collateralizations
  • Fine handling of specific contractual terms
  • View all sales or selectively by release, track, date, dealer or import number
  • Statement imports distinguishes individual tracks, bundles, streaming, syncs, merchandizing, neighbouring rights...
  • A simple Excel template is provided to let you import sales manually (when all you get from your dealer is a PDF or a printed statement)
  • Convert statements to your currency by simply indicating the amount you received : Inpro will adjust every line of the statement as if it had been created in your currency.
  • Automatic payout errors detection
  • Multilingual statements
  • Statement summaries: type of sales, project, territory.
  • Financial control: advances, payments, postponements
  • Statement exports: PDF, Excel
  • All calculations are made on 15 significant digits and rounded to 8 digits after decimal separator.
  • Rights imports compatible with roughly 200 systems: Fast and automatic import of your dealer’s statements.New filters are written and provided on demand without requiringsoftware update.
  • Rights imports compatible with roughly 350 formats: Fast and automatic import of your dealer’s statements. New filters are written and provided on demand without requiring software update.
  • Fast processing even on high data volumes
  • Multiple simultaneous users - Cloud connector (GDPR compliant)
  • Analyze the amount received per distributor, per project, tailor-made queries...
  • Segmentation of results by clients, catalogues, distributor, etc.
  • English and french interface (one click switch)
  • Pivots: free grouping of data rows and columns
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