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Karyo, the web platform dedicated to file exchanges.

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One platform to administer all your documents

Karyo is the secured web portal of your clients and artists. They can access their documents issued from our softwares at any time.

  • No more hassle

    In one click export your files from our tools. They are immediately available on your administration platform. After optional internal validation, the files can be delivered to the final recipients. They will receive an email informing them of the document's availability.

  • Personalised emails

    Craft your own email templates to notify users. You can either have a generic template (the same for everyone) or create specialised ones for particular purposes : individuals vs companies, specific to some recipients or groups of recipients... Each type of notification (first connection / new files available / internal validation complete...) has its own set of templates.

  • Individual accesses

    Each user has a secured access to his platform. He sees all his documents and is able to preview, download and reject the files (with a motive). He can also upload documents he wants to share with you. You will be notified of the upload.

  • Advanced use of Karyo
    administration portals

    If your business involves calculating your clients' right holders statements, you can create a dedicated portal for each of your client for them to administer. The end users can see a platform with your client's logo, and all notifications have his signature. Your client can administer the portal himself or you can manage it for him.

Detailed features
  • Receive files from our music administration tools
  • Automatic user creation using the directory from the software
  • Group of users to set specific email depending on your criteria
  • Give different administration privileges depending on who connects
  • Solo realms to have a clean management of your files and their storage
  • Prestige realms to administer your clients platform
  • Personnalised emails
  • Unlimited users
  • Upload all types of files
  • Make sure your clients have downloaded the files
  • Clients can upload invoices, tax forms, etc.
  • Clients can reject files if they don't agree with the content (bad address, calculation error, etc.)
  • Ask for internal validation before sending the file down to your client's platform
  • Solo realms to have a clean management of your files and their storage
  • Prestige realms to administer your clients' platforms
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How much does it cost ?

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  • Storage fee

  • 1€/Gb

  • First 2 Gb free

  • Essentiel


    • Limited users
  • Standard


    • Unlimited users
  • Premium
    Administration businesses


    • Unlimited users
    • Unlimited sub-portals

    Mix different types of portals :

    • Solo

      • Preset platform
      • Files seen by all users


    • Prestige

      • Personalized platform
      • Files in dedicated accounts
      • Limited users

        30€/ sub-portal

      • Unlimited users

        50€/ sub-portal

* Prices per-month

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