Improvize, logiciels d'administration des droits d'auteur et patrimoniaux

Reliable administration softwares.

Each team has its own processes and way of thinking. We are convinced that it is the software that should adapt to the users and not the other way round.

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Tailored softwares.

Our software solutions are not designed like sheet music that has to be followed note by note. On the contrary, we think of them as instruments you can use in ways adapted to any situation. Because of the constant evolution of the industry we focus on making (a)live softwares that always suit the needs.

"Keep creative, our softwares take care of the boring and repetitive tasks."

Software solution for music publishers.

Le Sage is the swiss army knife of publishers. Designed with care, for and with the help of music professionals, it is your every day companion. Intuitive and flexible, this software is capable of executing precise actions on massive flows of data very fast. Whatever the complexity of your contracts, the size of your catalogues, the diversity of your clients and their systems, Le Sage enables dynamic copyright, normalizes data, detects inconsistencies and delivers compliant registrations and accurate statements.

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Masters rights administration software.

Inpro will import your dealers' sales reports and compute royalty statements. Whatever the complexity of your deals, Inpro applies strictly the contract terms - online/physical, reserves, deductions, featurings, merchandising, etc.
You can also declare neighboring rights to SCPP, SPPF and soon DDEX.

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Webplatform to send out and administer documents.

Avoid having to manually send emails to all your clients with documents attached. Directly from our softwares, send out catalogues and statements to your webplatform. The users are automatically created, notified by email and will have access to their own account to see their files. You can also provide a personalised platform to your clients with their own logo.

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Statement calculation software for Book publishers.

Aïda manages physical and digital sales, rights from the CFC and SOFIA, calculates social contributions and taxes according to the profile of each author (including those living abroad or deceased), special movements such as reprints or pulping, “author” copies, copies given to the press service, etc.

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