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Our tools come with a set of services.

Our assistance doesn't stop once we have sold our software.

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Our Motto :
Your autonomy is our tranquility.

We have developed intuitive tools but the complexity of the industry, the diversity of what is ingested and calculated, and the powerful actions available need specific explanation and reassurance when used. That is why we are available by phone or email.

Technical support

Dedicated support for a positive experience.

We are ready to assist you every time you need us. We use AnyDesk (screen sharing application) to make the process comfortable. This support can be as much about technical questions as being a complement of training in the handling of the tool.
We can assist you in English, Spanish or French.

How it works.

When acquiring one of our licenses, we assist you during the installation of the software and you have a credit of 2 to 6 hours of telephone training.

During the annual subscription renewal, you have a credit of 1/2 hour, useful to ask us about new features, corrections or solicit us on special cases.
We do not bill the time spent to see and fix software bugs or to create / modify import filters. The other requests are billed.


Training days for your team.

To ensure the best use of our software by your teams, we offer training days. After exchanging on your needs, we elaborate a training program specific to your activity. We evaluate learners' understanding through different exercises. At the end of the session, we ensure a continuous improvement of our teaching via a satisfaction questionnaire. The days can be split into several sessions at your convenience.
You choose, we adapt.

An annual workshop in Paris.

This workshop lasts all day (10:00 - 17:30) and is held in Paris, usually at the FGO Barbara Center.

This is a re-training day where we meet users and designer, during which:

  1. Are presented additions and improvements that have emerged during the year
  2. All questions can be asked

Cloud hosting

We have powerful servers to host and backup your data and let you access them securely. This technology lets you access your databases wherever you are as long as you have internet access (at home, your office, at clients…).
It allows your co-workers to work together as if they were in the same room, even if they are hundreds of kilometers away from each others.

Types of servers.

It is one server shared amongst other users. Cheaper, but its capacity is divided according to others’ use. Mutualised data hosting has also an environmental impact. Currently our servers avoid about 100 different individual servers running 24/7.


The server (memory, machine time, discs) is completely dedicated to your use. You can have as many databases as you need.


Access to your data is secured by a SSL/TLS connection with client and server certificates: each person to which you grant access to your database will have his/her own personal certificate.

For each connection:

  1. The server checks the user’s certificate
  2. The server checks that the user has rights to access the database


The server hosting your data is powerful, has a great amount of memory and is dedicated to data management.
It makes your “long” operations (royalty calculations for example) to execute much faster than on a standard office computer.


The databases are backed up everyday and these backups are transferred to two different sites. Backups are kept for 15 sliding days.

How we deal with bugs

A tool designed to solve the problems encountered.

We have integrated in our software a tool named Mantis, that enables you to notify a bug and track its resolution. We are prompt to resolve any bug but in the meantime you can use a previous version of the software while it is being dealt with.

If you have any ideas of new features/improvements you can also open a ticket to submit it to us.

How much does it cost ?

Data Hosting services

  1. Hosting of your database on server
  2. Full daily backup with 1 year of preservation
  3. Availability : 99% (1% reserved for maintenance, done outside opening hours when possible)
  4. Multiuser access via dual SSL/TLS, authentication : user personal certificate and server certificate
  • Mutualised server

    • One database

      480€ / year

      Limited to 10 Go

    • 2 to 3 databases

      760€ / year

      Limited to 10 Go / base

  • Dedicated server

    Starts at

    1608€ / year

    Minimum 64Go RAM / 1 To disc or
    32Go RAM / 4 To disc

Other services

  • Technical support

    75€ / hour

  • Training

    1 000€ / day

  • Annual workshop

    230€ / day

They trust us .

    • Nucks Music Group
    • Chambre syndicale de l'édition musicale
    • Musigamy
    • Montmorency Music Agency
    • Idol
    • Buddemusic
    • French Fried Music
    • Sentinel music back office
    • Velvetica music
    • 22D music group
    • Alter K
    • Wagram Publishing
    • Caro.B music publishing
    • Absilone
    • Cymba music publishing
    • Tanitrak Global
    • Une Musique
    • Warner Chappell Music
    • Alba Blue Music Services
    • Finger Printz
    • 440HZ
    • BAM Music
    • Cristal Publishing
    • Melmax Music
    • Outhere Music
    • Premium Beat
    • Upton Park Publishing
    • No Format
    • Scorpio Music
    • X-Ray Production
    • My Major Company
    • Audio Network
    • Éditions Raoul Breton
    • Saravah
    • Element Music
    • Citizen
    • Karakos Productions & Publishing
    • WTPL
    • Atal Music
    • Misteribe
    • Murmure
    • Olivia Barbier
    • Plus Un Music
    • Pomme Music
    • French Trade
    • Crunchy Frog
    • Losange
    • Elevate Musik
    • Catico
    • Studio du Petit Pont
    • IMC Music
    • Alondra Music
    • Maison Kitsuné
    • Play Two
    • ALL RIGHT music
    • Abribulles
    • Chandelle Productions
    • JO & Co
    • Note A Bene
    • Clémence Bourgeot
    • RDB music group
    • Amplitude Publishing
    • Balandra Editions
    • ENSEMBLE Music
    • KP Synclab Paris
    • Zaine Music
    • Dixie frog
    • Baco Music
    • Georges Mary
    • LaboM
    • Leo & Co
    • Les Cousines

With the CNM's aid

Centre national de la musique

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